Hard to believe Labor Day weekend is upon us once again!
I hope you’ve had a great summer doing all the fun things you like to do in summer and maybe trying some new things as well.
For me, this has been my first really fun summer since moving to Wisconsin. The first couple summers were mostly settling in, selling my house in Colorado, changing jobs etc.
But this summer, I got to sit back and enjoy! As you may have noticed, I took the summer off from blogging, but I’ve actually been writing quite a bit. I’ve got several blog posts that just need some polishing, and I’ve been working on both of my books, my novel and my memoir and that’s been rewarding. And I tried some new, fun things.
Did you try anything new this summer? I think there is so much value in trying new activities. We all get into our routines of doing the same thing over and over. Whether its the meals we eat, the people we hang out with, or the activities we enjoy. We tend to keep coming back to the same thing. Which is absolutely fine, as long as we enjoy those things.
And, it is also great to try new things.
Being a newcomer to my home, I kind of had no choice but to get out and try some new things, meet some new people, make some new friends. It’s been fun and rewarding.
As I mentioned in a prior blog, I got back into horses. That’s been the most profound experience. I also started stand-up paddle boarding. I go out on the lake most mornings before work. It’s so peaceful and beautiful and fun. A good workout too. I also took up golf. I figured, since I moved from a ski resort to a gold and tennis resort, I better learn to play golf and tennis! I got inspired to start running again, and am training for a triathlon. I’ve also gotten more involved with Rotary and am in awe of this enormous group of people who are so dedicated to giving back. It’s humbling.
There’s so much value in trying something new. Here are a few reasons that you should give it a try:
  • Make new friends
  • Learn something about yourself
  • Discover new ways to feel joy
  • Stimulate your creativity
  • Break out of a rut
  • Challenge yourself
  • Overcome fear
Yes, summer is winding down, but you don’t have to wait until summer to try something new. Here are a few ideas for new things you can try anytime:
  • Try a new sport
  • Take a class ( a new language, art, creative writing, cooking; the possibilities are endless)
  • Start writing or drawing (don’t worry if you think you’re good!)
  • Learn to cook something you’ve never cooked before
  • Take up a musical instrument
  • Do something alone (travel, go to a concert etc)
  • Join a group or club that interests you
When we try something new, we are stepping out of our comfort zone, which is how we grow and evolve.
Did you try anything new this summer? Do you have plans to try anything new in the near future? I’d love to hear what you’ve got going on. Post in the comments below, or in the Facebook group and share your experiences.