Podcast – Yoga Health Coaches as Community Leaders

Podcast – Yoga Health Coaches as Community Leaders

I’m excited to announce that I am now a podcaster! I’m a contributing host for the Yoga Health Coaching Podcast and my first episode has just been published. I hope you enjoy it!

Listen to it here.

In this episode, Alex Biondo and Rachel Peters talk about the ways in which Yoga Health Coaches are becoming community leaders. Alex and Rachel rap about how leadership is a natural evolution of a Yoga Health Coach’s journey. Rachel shares how she became comfortable with stepping into the role of leader by recognizing and aligning with her natural strengths. As someone who’s been known for years as a successful yoga teacher, her identity is evolving into someone who supports others on their wellness journeys and as a coach and collaborator.


What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • How Yoga Health Coaches become wellness leaders in their communities
  • How recognizing and utilizing our natural talents makes us better leaders
  • How mesh networking and collaborating are the new leadership models


Links Mentioned in Episode:

Show Highlights:

  • 2:30 – What is the difference between community building and community leading? Rachel has been building a yoga community for years, and she talks about how she made a mindset shift and got comfortable stepping into the role of leader.
  • 5:00 – Rachel recently felt sparked to step into leadership and is now making an impact both locally and with her online national (soon to be global!) community.
  • 8:00 – When we recognize our natural strengths, we lead others with more ease. Rachel talks about showing up as her authentic self and focusing on her strengths and desires, which, in turn, leads the right people to find her.
  • 11:00 – For many of us, leadership starts at home. When we live in integrity, the first to notice are those closest to us. They often pick up the reins and take the lead, as Rachel’s husband Dan likes to do. He’s now an avid forager!
  • 16:00 – What Yoga Health Coaches do has a ripple effect. We touch others in many ways. As people learn what we do, we become a face of holistic wellness in our communities and often end up helping people who aren’t even our clients.
  • 19:30 – What does the next step of leadership look like? Collaboration and mesh networking. Rachel talks about how she works with other wellness leaders in her community.


Favorite Quotes:

  • “I lead from my strengths, rather than having to cultivate new ones” ~Rachel Peters
  • “A sometimes unintended consequence of becoming a Yoga Health Coach is that we are becoming community leaders.” ~Alex Biondo


Guest BIO:

Rachel’s – As a Certified Yoga Health Coach and the Founder of Embody Ease and the Easeful Living Community, Rachel leads women on a yearlong journey to dissolve perfectionism and embody daily habits that promote clarity, ease, and inner connection. She is a wife, mom, and lover of wild places and contributes to her local community as a yoga teacher and teacher trainer in Prescott, AZ she also serves as the leader of the Coaching Team at Yogahealer. Check her website and facebook page.

Girl Power

Girl Power

I’ve been noticing a disturbing trend on social media lately. In what appears to be an attempt at self-deprecating humor, I’m seeing women post some very disempowering memes. Jokes about living with hot flashes, elastic waistbands, weight gain, poor eating habits, staying in jammies all day and the need for wine or weed to deal with the day/job/spouse/kids etc., are everywhere.

Then there are the ones that point out bitchyness, mood swings, craziness, and forgetfulness. Ones that use PMS as both the scapegoat and the excuse for all sorts of detrimental behaviors.

Why do women do this to themselves? In this age of #metoo and #womanup, we have more opportunity than ever to empower women and girls. Where does this need to put ourselves down come from?

We don’t see men doing it. Men don’t post memes about their receding hairlines, man-boobs and erectile dysfunction. So, why do women? 

We’ve been living in a patriarchal society for thousands of years. Women have been oppressed blatantly and subtly for millennia. This is evidenced nowhere better than in the #metoo movement and the Women’s Marches. Women are finally standing up and stepping into their power. But, we’ve still got a long way to go. We’ve been told for so long, that menstruation and menopause are disorders, that we’ve begun to believe it. We’re emotional, fragile and can’t get through the day or even deal with our own children without self-medicating. Every joke we make about ourselves keeps us from our power.

We must stop believing that aging sentences us to a less-than ideal existence, doomed to hot flashes and elastic waistbands. I know that nobody who posts these things is deliberately trying to put themselves or other women down, but that is what is happening. We’ve got to be careful about what we say about ourselves, because our words become our reality.  I want to age vibrantly. I want to be a strong, healthy example to my teenage daughter. I want to keep skiing, running, biking and doing handstands for decades to come.

I’m very fortunate to be in multiple communities of strong, supportive women. My friend group, many of whom I’ve known since childhood, rocks. My yoga community both in Colorado and Wisconsin, is filled with amazing women. The global Yogahealer Community, where I received my Yoga Health Coaching Certification, constantly supports and encourages me to step into the next evolution of myself. In my work as a Yoga Health Coach, I guide women (and men!) into stepping into their own heath and their own power.

As we all (men & women) step into the next evolution of ourselves, lets continue to be mindful of our words, especially those we say about ourselves. 

When women empower women, amazing things happen!

Rethinking Detox

Rethinking Detox

When I first started doing seasonal detoxes, about eight years ago, it was still a relatively fringe thing to do. A good portion of my yoga friends were doing it, but my more mainstream friends would ask, “Why on earth would you want to do that to yourself?” When I joined my first group detox, I recall my husband asking, “You mean, you’re paying someone to torture you?” 

These days, detoxing is more mainstream, but it’s still not well understood. It’s still looked at as deprivation, even by most people who do it. Many go into a detox with the attitude of, “This is going to suck, but it’s good for me, so I’ll do it. And I can’t wait until it’s over!”

Then, there is the I don’t feel toxic, so why should I detox? camp. Fair enough question.

I’ll try to explain why detoxing is awesome and why everyone should do it.

My two detox mantras are as follows:

Rejuvenation, not Deprivation

It’s not All About the Food

A detox is an opportunity to fully rejuvenate yourself. To wind down and dial back all aspects of your life, for a short period of time. When you detox, you give your digestion a break, by feeding yourself easy-to-digest, non-irritating foods and often (but not always) reduced calorie intake.

Aligning with seasonal rhythms,  is something that for millennia, we didn’t have a choice about.  We were essentially forced to detox in the spring, because we ran out of food. Whatever was saved from last harvest was dwindling, and the first harvests of Summer were still a long way off. Maybe this is why so many religions, both ancient and modern have fasting, or giving up something during the spring season.

In Ayurveda, the term for this seasonal alignment is ritucharya. If you’re into yoga or have studied Ayurveda at all, you are probably familiar with the term dinacharya, which translates to daily habits. We also need to align and shift our habits with the seasons.

As we emerge from winter, there is often an urge to lighten up both our bodies and our spaces. A detox is like a spring cleaning for our bodies and emotions. It’s about deep self-nurturance and deep self care. It’s about releasing the heavy qualities of winter and allowing yourself to lighten up, both physically and emotionally for summer. This may or may not involve weight-loss. If you want to lose some weight, a detox will definitely help you with that. If you don’t need or want to drop any weight, don’t let that stop you from detoxing. You can clear out the gunk without dropping a pound.

A spring detox can involve detoxing your space, your emotions, your relationships. Take time for yourself, get out in nature, take a break (or limit) screen time and social media. We all can’t take time off work and go on retreat, but we can slow down just a little bit, practice mindfulness and be good to ourselves. Take some time to reflect on what is working in your life and what is not. How can you shift into more ease?

I’m involved with two detoxes this spring. We’ve got a local one here in Kohler, at Yoga on the Lake. And, of course, I’m down with Yogahealer’s Yogidetox for the ninth time (I think). I encourage you to check out and jump into either of these, or play with detoxing on your own.

You’ll come out of it glad that you did.

Reflections at 53

Reflections at 53

I turned 53 this month.

I’ve accomplished a lot and at the same time I feel like I’ve not accomplished much. I graduated from high school and college. I’ve had a couple of careers, with varying degrees of success. I’ve had romantic relationships, a few serious, many not. I’ve been a wife. I’ve been divorced. And widowed (sort of),

I’m a mom. I am blessed with a wonderful daughter. 

I’ve been blessed with wonderful friends and family my entire life. I’ve only recently come to realize what a true blessing this is, and not something to be taken for granted.

I have regrets. But, they don’t define me. I’ve handled situations badly. I’ve handled other situations with strength and grace. I tried, really tried, to make my marriage work. Sometimes I made bad choices. I reacted poorly. Things could have been different. Maybe.

I had the courage to leave when it was time. I had the courage to move across country, with no help but from a 12-year old and a cat.

I had the strength and courage to go back to Colorado after my ex-husband died and to do what had to be done. To deal with the house that held 20 years of memories, both wonderful and terrible. I don’t really know how I got through those trips to Colorado. It’s like a higher force took over and held me and guided me throughout.

I learned a lot about grief. I felt its crushing weight and also it’s deep lessons. Death brings us closer to life, someone said to me. I agree. I thought I could push through it and live and work as normal. I was wrong. Again, the higher force took over. It told me, “Stop. Everything. You need to heal.” That same week, my house sold. I was able to take a few months off from work and focus on healing. On radical, extreme self-care.

Today, I feel a deep sense of contentment with life. I feel grounded. My new home feels like home. My kid is happy and has made good friends. I am happy and have made good friends. I’m physically and emotionally stronger than I’ve been in years. I love my work. I’ve got much to do still. I was derailed for a long time.

I’m optimistic about life and the future. Stepping into 53. Owning it. Like a badass.

Thoughts from Mexico

Thoughts from Mexico

How does one process the truly amazing experiences in life? Visiting a magical place, the birth of a child, falling in love? Sadly, I think we often don’t. The new baby comes filled with work, and we are often minimally supported in the care of a child. The one we were so madly in love with soon  becomes taken for granted. The magical place is relegated to a jumble of photos as we rush to get caught up upon our return.

Does it have to be like this?

There was a time, and there are still cultures where it isn’t like this. A village comes to support new parents, so they can bond with and enjoy their new baby. There are those couples you meet, that, after 20, 30, even 50 years, still love and appreciate one another.

There are places and experiences that have the potential to change us, permanently, for the better, if we make the conscious effort to allow them to do so.

I am writing from my patio in Punta de Mita, Mexico. it is 6:00 am and still dark. I am listening to waves crashing and roosters crowing. I’ve spent the past week here at the Yogahealer Leadership retreat, with 34 of the most amazing, inspiring, diverse women I have ever had the privilege of connecting with.

I feel amazing. I’ve been so inspired, learned so much, eaten fresh, healthy, delicious food. I’m enthralled with this little hamlet.

My previous experiences in Mexico have been at big, all-inclusive resorts. Those experiences were fine. And fun. But, I left relatively unimpressed. This is different. Punta Mita is a little surfing town, filled with colors and music and people. The locals and tourists mingle happily. The vibe is amazing. I am pulled in by the culture and already plotting how I can get back here as often as possible and bring my daughter with me.

The inspiration from the Yogahealer tribe and being around other Yoga Health Coaches has been mind-blowing. I see the potential in myself and in all of them, to truly make a difference in the world. Each person we help, every person to whom we bring vibrant health, has a ripple effect. Personal health is connected to community health and planetary health. I want to be part of that. I want to make a difference. I want to guide people into their own realization that their desires for joy, health, connection and dharma are possible.

So, back to my original question. How do I keep this feeling? How do I process this experience so it sinks into me and stays with me? How do I keep this, while going back to my life of working, grocery shopping, parenting and the daily hustle and bustle?

I think the answer, boiled down to one word, is consciously. Or, maybe, deliberately. This will be an exercise in consciously, deliberately making my life happen the way I want it, rather than letting life happen to me. I’ve been practicing this for years and it never stops taking effort. If we want to live the life of our dreams, we must continuously create it for ourselves. I apologize to any fans of The Secret, but just sitting around visualizing our dreams does not cut it. I’m not saying that there is no value in visualization; on the contrary, I believe there is tremendous value in it. But, it is only part of the equation. The actions we take must align with those visions.

For example, if I say I want to take a trip to Italy, but I don’t pick a date, save the money or get a passport, I will not ever end up in Italy. It’s the same with health. If I say I want to feel amazing, but I snack throughout the day, eat a heavy, late dinner and stay up until midnight, I will not feel amazing. Simple law of cause and effect.

So, I am reviewing my copious notes from Mexico. I am setting short-term goals in three month chunks of time. I am setting long-term goals and taking the steps to achieve them in the timeline I have laid out. I am blocking time on my calendar to work towards my goals.

In my coaching groups I often find that people have resistance to blocking time and to having calendar integrity. They say it seems to restrictive to live that way. The truth is, it’s the opposite. The more we live in integrity with our calendar and align our actions to our goals, the more easeful our lives become.



Why Live Your Best Life?

Why Live Your Best Life?

I can’t start this post without mentioning the tragedy in Florida last week. While I have very strong ideas, thoughts and opinions on that terrible event, I am not going to go into those now. What I do want to talk about is how important it is, to be true to ourselves and to live our best life possible. Not just because we never know when it will be snuffed out (we don’t), but because when we are living according to our dreams and desires, we are happier healthier and better able to serve.

There are so many reasons to get healthier. Some obvious – the absence of pain, ability to move around with ease, to live longer. Those are all great reasons. 

And, the less obvious reasons are equally as great.

I recently had a coaching session with a small group at a local company. We had a great time together and got into talking about more than basic health coaching and nutrition stuff. We got deep into habits and how we can align our habits to reach our goals. That naturally lead to a discussion about living your life’s purpose, or dharma.

The thing is, you can’t do your best work, live your dreams or change the world if you feel crummy in your physical body. We need to start with ourselves. (No, I am not going to quote the putting your oxygen mask on first analogy for the bazillionth time). But it’s true.

All reasons for getting healthier are good and valid. From looking better in your jeans to being a better partner, parent, yogi, businessperson and saver of humankind. And we need more and move savers of humankind every day.

So, where do we start? We start with our daily habits. Are your daily habits pointing your towards or away from living your best life? Are you getting enough sleep to give you the energy you need? Are you nourishing yourself with the best foods for your body? Are you exercising appropriately and practicing mindfulness?

We only get one life (as far as we know), so let’s make the best of it.

If you need help aligning your habits to your goals, stay tuned. More to come soon. Or visit my website to learn about Life On & Off the Mat