At this time of year, I often remind my yoga students to take some down time; to intentionally carve out some time for quiet, rest and reflection. We can so easily get stressed and out of balance during the holidays. We get very busy. Parties, shopping, school concerts and events. Depending on your profession, work can become crazy-busy at this time of year too. If you’re in the hospitality industry or have year-end deadlines to hit, the stress increases.

All this is amplified by that fact that what we are doing is diametrically opposed to what nature is doing. We are living completely out of sync with nature’s rhythms at this time of year. You only have to look around to see that what nature is doing, is very different from what we are doing. Trees and bushes are dormant. Flowers are not blooming. Wild animals are hibernating. You might even notice your pets sleeping more. The days are short and the nights are long. We should be resting more and sleeping more. Rejuvenating. If we follow nature’s rhythm, spring and summer should be our most active times. We should be recovering from all that now.

Of course, we are not going to stop celebrating our holidays and hibernate. But it is important to rest more, so we don’t burn out.

I’ve been pushing myself in a lot of ways. And some good has come from it. I’ve been working out hard and am beginning to see a stronger body emerge. I’ve been throwing myself into my job and being innovative and taking a leadership role at work. I’ve also been excitedly creating my new coaching program (which you will hear more about very soon). I spent six weeks on a ketogenic diet, which was amazing in many ways. I felt focused and sharp, lost weight, offloaded my cravings and propensity for snacking.

There’s been a downside to all this pushing. According to Ayurveda, what I’ve done is pushed myself right into a pitta imbalance. (If you’re not familiar with Ayurvedic doshas – vata, pitta and kapha, click here for an explanation and quiz, to find out your propensities). All three doshas have positive qualities when balanced and negative effects when out of balance. The characteristics of pitta are sharp, hot, intense, fiery. So, when in balance, pitta types make great leaders and entrepreneurs, are smart, funny, interesting and inquisitive. Pitta out of balance leads to anger, irritation, sharpness, short-temperedness. Qualities that pacify pitta are sweetness and cooling, calming activities.

I got sharp. Which isn’t all bad. My focus has been sharp. I’ve been able to get a lot done. But I was also getting short-tempered and angry.

So, I’m focusing on bringing some sweetness back into my life. That doesn’t mean loading up on Christmas cookies and eggnog. According to Ayurveda, most, if not all carbohydrates are considered “sweet.” This makes sense from a Western perspective, because carbs convert to glucose in our bodies. On the keto diet, I was getting no sweet at all.

I’ll be navigating the rest of the holiday season, through self-care and sweetness. A little less pushing. A few more carbs. More yoga and meditation. More snuggling with my kid. Connecting to spirit, reading and rereading yoga books and spiritual texts. Being easier on myself and others.

I want to wake up on January 1, 2019, feeling good, refreshed, joyful. Ready to start the new year and focus on my intentions. I may do keto again sometime. I’ll definitely have periods where I push myself hard again. But, as we move towards the darkest day of the year, I am moving towards softness, sweetness and rest.

Why I’m Partnering with Beautycounter

Why I’m Partnering with Beautycounter

Being someone who’s all about health and wellness, and with a background in sales, I’m often approached by direct-selling companies about representing their products. I’ve been asked to represent supplements, ketones, CDB oil, cosmetics, essential oils etc. I am actually a doTERRA rep, but since statistically, one in three people you know is a doTERRA rep, you don’t need to buy from me. (You can if you want. Click here). While I found most of those products good, they didn’t get me fired up the way Beautycounter does.

For years, I was like many people (maybe you), and went to great lengths and expense to buy organic, natural and local foods, while at the same time, buying whatever hair and skin products were on sale. So, while was downing my organic kale green smoothie, I was allowing all kinds of toxins into my body through my skin and hair. Sound familiar?

I first heard of Beautycounter from a couple of gals with whom I went to college. I knew they were both passionate about health and wellness, so I became interested. After a bit of research, I found out that this is an awesome company!

First of all, Beautycounter is a B-Corp. B-Corps are companies which meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. Beautycounter discloses every ingredient in every product they sell and has a Never List, of over 1,500 toxic or potentially toxic ingredients that will never be found in their products.

I think what hooked me though, is Beautycounter’s commitment to advocacy and education. If you know me, you know I’m a bit of a political junkie, so anyone who’s willing to go to Washington and advocate for health and wellness is a star in my book! Beautycounter actually advocates for stricter regulations in the beauty and cosmetics industry. Have you ever heard of a company lobbying for more regulations in its own industry?

Oh, and their products are wonderful.

I encourage you to check out Beautycounter. Let me know if you’d like to try it out. You don’t have to host a party (though you can if you want) or become a rep too (again, you can if you want). Just try putting some safer products on your body, and your family’s bodies. Don’t counteract all that healthy food & yoga with toxic cosmetics.

Beautycounter products make great gifts too. Last day to order for Christmas delivery is December 17.

I wish you a joyous holiday season!