Why Live Your Best Life?

Why Live Your Best Life?

I can’t start this post without mentioning the tragedy in Florida last week. While I have very strong ideas, thoughts and opinions on that terrible event, I am not going to go into those now. What I do want to talk about is how important it is, to be true to ourselves and to live our best life possible. Not just because we never know when it will be snuffed out (we don’t), but because when we are living according to our dreams and desires, we are happier healthier and better able to serve.

There are so many reasons to get healthier. Some obvious – the absence of pain, ability to move around with ease, to live longer. Those are all great reasons. 

And, the less obvious reasons are equally as great.

I recently had a coaching session with a small group at a local company. We had a great time together and got into talking about more than basic health coaching and nutrition stuff. We got deep into habits and how we can align our habits to reach our goals. That naturally lead to a discussion about living your life’s purpose, or dharma.

The thing is, you can’t do your best work, live your dreams or change the world if you feel crummy in your physical body. We need to start with ourselves. (No, I am not going to quote the putting your oxygen mask on first analogy for the bazillionth time). But it’s true.

All reasons for getting healthier are good and valid. From looking better in your jeans to being a better partner, parent, yogi, businessperson and saver of humankind. And we need more and move savers of humankind every day.

So, where do we start? We start with our daily habits. Are your daily habits pointing your towards or away from living your best life? Are you getting enough sleep to give you the energy you need? Are you nourishing yourself with the best foods for your body? Are you exercising appropriately and practicing mindfulness?

We only get one life (as far as we know), so let’s make the best of it.

If you need help aligning your habits to your goals, stay tuned. More to come soon. Or visit my website to learn about Life On & Off the Mat